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Friday, 22 August 2014

Rain (poem)

Rain in Curitiba, Brazil (by Jauch)
Yes, yesterday rained
Rained a rain that was fine
And today I miss already
The drumming in the old window
By the drops of the rain that was mine.

*This small poem I made in April, 2013, during a rainy night, in Paço de Arcos, Portugal. The image is a crop of a picture taken in April, 2014, on a rainy morning, in Curitiba, Brasil.

**You can read the original in Portuguese here.

Acquisitions in Tupiniquim lands

Books on a table (by Jauch)
These are the books I bring to Portugal from my last trip to Brazil.
I was lucky, because I'll my luggage arrived at home, even if 3 weeks after me...

The List (in no specific order):

O Vento Norte (Cláudio Villa - Edição do autor)
O Homem Fragmentado (Tibor Moricz - Terracota)
Fome (Tibor Moricz - Tarja Editorial)
A Última Expedição (Olívia Maia - Editora Draco)
Terra Verde (Roberto de Sousa Causo - Editora Draco)
Selva Brasil (Roberto de Sousa Causo - Editora Draco)
Atron - Atravessando os Milênios (Vitor Hugo B. Ribeiro - Literata)
A Guardiã da Memória (Gerson Lodi-Ribeiro - Editora Draco)
O Alienado (Cirilo S. Lemos - Editora Draco)
Ficção Científica Brasileira - FCdoB - Panorama 2010/2011 (Vários - Tarja Editorial)
Cyber Brasiliana (Richard Diegues - Tarja Editorial)
Reino das Névoas (Camila Fernandes - Tarja Editorial)
A Situação (Jeff Vandermeer - Tarja Editorial)
Brasil Fantástico (Vários - Editora Draco)
Rei Rato (China Miéville - Tarja Editorial)
Paradigmas Definitivos (Vários - Tarja Editorial)
Noite Sem Fim - O Além-mar (Roberto Campos Pellanda - Tarja Editorial)
O Primeiro Amanhecer - O Além-mar (Roberto Campos Pellanda - Tarja Editorial)
Campo Total e outros contos de ficção científica (Carlos Orsi - Editora Draco)

And now, I have lots and lots of books to read... :)

When the Spring Comes (poem)

Fernando Pessoa (source: Wikipedia)

Alberto Caeiro, Fernando Pessoa's heteronym, write this little poem, called "Quando vier a primavera" (When the spring comes).

Recited here by Valdemar Santos, Portuguese actor.

I love this poem. I love this reciting.
If you understand Portuguese, enjoy it. But listen anyway. It's worth.

Lápis 2B (now in english, or almost)

Roman ruins at Évora, Portugal. By me.

After almost a year without blogging, I decided to renew this space.

Maybe if you knew the blog from the beginning, you now look around and asks yourself: "But what was that this guy changed here?"

At Lápis 2B? Nothing. Well, almost nothing. Very little, really.

I had only one text.
But it was quite... heavy.
And I need to loose weight.

Just this.

And one thing here and there. Nothing too much visible, I hope.

Maybe I'll change the leaves in the background image, because outumn do not fit well with this blog anymore. Now I'm more in "summer" mode...

Welcome. Again. Now in english. ;)